Power through winter with Solar + Storage


Smart Australians are investing in solar and storage to save money, avoid blackouts and reduce carbon emissions.

LG Home Battery

Australia's most advanced, flexible and reliable solar battery.

Clipsal Solar

Powering Your Tomorrow: Solar power systems that empower homeowners to make better energy choices.


"And as for storage, LG Home Battery was the right solution for us. The fact we could custom design our battery, based on the size of our solar system, really influenced our decision. We didn’t have the roof space to accommodate a larger system, so having a bigger battery would have gone to waste."

Lucy Cornes, SA

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The Cornes family solar story


Investing in solar and storage to save money, avoid blackouts and reduce carbon emissions

LG Home Battery

1. Tech Leader

With LG Chem you benefit from the expertise of a global tech leader by  buying directly  from the manufacturer teamed with the care of a local installer who will  design and install the ideal system for you.

You can relax knowing you've bought a quality battery  at an affordable price and can now energy independent, relying less on the power companies

2. Safe & Reliable

We are made by the longest standing global battery manufacturer powering the first electric vehicles, NASA space suits and the most installed home battery with 18,000 units in Australia and over 200,000 units globally. With a 10 year warranty you can be rest-assured the most reliable home battery solution that is not only safe but effective. We have been around for 70 years and will be around to honour your warranty.

3.  Individualised system


The LG Home Battery range provides the most flexible solution on the market with a product range comprising various sizes, multiple inverter compatibility options and the flexibility to be installed at any stage of your solar journey. If you’re adding on to an existing solar system, starting fresh requiring solar and the battery  or going completely off grid. With the largest installer network - you can build a custom system according to your needs wherever you are in Australia. 

Clipsal Solar

1. Tech Leader


Using sensors installed at your property and a mobile app, our Pulse Analytics Kit will give you the power to see your electricity consumption habits and reduce your energy bills.


Pulse is the only app that tracks your solar savings compared to your investment so you can see when your solar system has paid for itself, and spend your money on something nicer than bills! 


We harness the power of solar and data to help you make the best energy choices.

2. Safe & Reliable

We are Clipsal Solar and your warranty are secure. We’re part of an Australian brand that’s been trusted for over a century.

Hardware and retail agnostic. Clean Energy Council certified installers ensure your system is safe and reliable.

4.8/5* Customer experience from consult to install, and beyond.

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  3. We look after the grid connection, site inspection and installation.

  4. After install, we continually support you to maximise your return on investment.

We've earned the trust of our customer and installers over our 70 years in business

Frequently asked questions

Can I get a rebate?

Rebates are available in Vic, SA, NSW, NT and ACT each rebate varies in amount and who qualifies, click the links to find out more.

How much is a battery?

Prices range from $7-10K before rebates; it really depends on your installer, home, sunlight, size of roof and panel setup.

Can I add a battery to my existing solar system?


How is LG different?

The LG Home Batteries come in a variety of sizes allowing your home energy system to be designed according to your energy usage. Installers tell us that the LG Home Battery is very easy and quick to instal, which is why they are the installers choice.