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The all new 'RESU HOME'

The Complete Solar Storage Solution

Joining the RESU family is the LGES-5048 Hybrid Inverter to complement your solar panels and new RESU battery.

Enhance and customise your solar system as you see fit with a variety of storage sizes up to 23.4kWh (RESU12).

LGES-5048 is a hybrid or bidirectional solar inverter, applicable to solar systems connected to the utility grid and LG Energy Solution RESU 48V batteries. The energy produced by the PV system is used to power household loads, charge the battery, and export excess energy to the utility grid. When household loads exceed PV production, the battery is discharged to support the loads and minimize utility grid import. With the optional addition of remote control, such as Virtual Power Plant (VPP) participation, the inverter and battery combination can further optimise energy usage according to price signals.

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• Combined 10 year LG Energy Solution warranty

• Back-up function (UPS black-out protection)
• High Performance - proven technology
• Designed for new solar and existing solar + storage installations

• Maximises PV self-consumption versus feed-in
• Provides back up with the option to scale energy capacity
• Ultimate flexibility

• PV input up to 8.5kW with battery
• Single point of service
• AC-coupled or DC-coupled
• Proven and reliable quiet fan-less design

• 97% Efficiency• Remote upgrade
• Applicable for single & three phase systems

• Compatible with Tigo Optimisers

• LGES-5048 inverter compatible with RESU6.5, RESU10 and RESU12

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PV oversize

Applicable for both single and three phase systems, you can oversize your solar panels up to 7.5 kW.

Back up function

Keep appliances running with an uninterrupted power supply, ensuring your energy stays on in the case of power outages.

Proven safety and performance

The safety and longevity of the LG Energy Solution’s
inverter is backed by our technology in the automotive and ESS markets.

10 year warranty

Enjoy an industry leading hassle free 10 year warranty on the inverter.

How the LGES-5048 works

LGES-5048 Mode 1

Mode 1

The energy produced by the PV system is used to optimise self-consumption. The excess energy is used to recharge the batteries, the rest is exported to the grid.

Mode 2

When there is no PV, and the battery is sufficient, it can supply the load together with grid power.

LGES-5048 Mode 2
LGES-5048 Mode 3

Mode 3

When the grid fails, the system automatically switches to Back-Up mode. The Back-Up load can be supported by PV and battery.

Mode 4

The battery can be charged by the grid, and charge time/power could be set on LGES PV Master or remotely controlled.

LGES-5048 Mode 4
LGES PV Master screen
LGES PV Master screen

Monitor your LG RESU and inverter 

Stay up to date with your energy system with continuous monitoring at any time.

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