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Become an LG RESU certified installer 

Partner with the world's leading home battery.

LG Energy Solution is one of the world’s largest lithium-ion battery manufacturer with a market-leading position in advanced batteries for grid-scale, home battery, and automotive applications. Our advanced lithium ion battery technology is the product of over 25 years of experience in the development and production of mobile batteries and large format batteries for automotive and energy storage systems (ESS).


LG Energy Solution’s commitment to technology leadership coupled with efficient and high-quality manufacturing processes produces batteries that exhibit the highest levels of safety, performance, and reliability.

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Why should I join?


Benefits of partner program

Feature in ‘Where to Buy’ to receive sales leads.



Only RESU systems installed and serial numbers registered by Certified Installers are entitled to full LGES express warranty.


Marketing and sales material

Receive our certified logo, collateral, videos, photos, and educational material to provide you help in selling the LG Energy Solution.


Membership level benefits

According to your sales performance, membership levels are granted. The higher your level is, the more various membership benefits you can enjoy.

Partner with us

We take care in providing materials that assist you in providing customers with the best technical proficiency and service. Becoming a partner and certified installer of the LG RESU range enables you to harness membership benefits, be the first to learn about product updates, and become a part of one of the world's largest installer network.

Our comprehensive training is open to all electricians and support staff which install or plan to install the LG RESU range. Completing the training will provide you:

  • A certificate recognising you to consumers as a certified LG RESU installer.

  • Product knowledge.

  • Comprehension of how to install the LG RESU.

  • Understanding of the system design and eligible inverters.

  • Ability to offer warranty and installation for customers.

Becoming a certified installer is required as part of the online battery serial number registration for product warranty conditions for LG Energy Solution RESU batteries.

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1. Download the app

2. Locate your ESS Home Battery

3. Take a photo of your battery's serial number

4. Register your details.

LG Energy Solution Mobile App

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