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RESU Plus combiner box

The LG Resu Plus Battery Combiner is an expansion device, allowing the combination of 48V

(LV series) LG RESU batteries in pairs.

Up to 2EA with 1 inverter

1) RESU3.3 + RESU3.3

2) RESU3.3 + RESU6.5

3) RESU3.3 + RESU10 

4) RESU6.5 + RESU6.5

5) RESU6.5 + RESU10

6) RESU10 + RESU10

7) RESU12 + RESU3.3, 6.5, 10 & 12. 

8) RESU13 + RESU13 only

Note: by combining batteries with RESU Plus, capacity is increased.

However, the maximum power output is 5kW continuous

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