Powering Australian homes
with the world’s most
innovative battery technology

Get the most out of your solar with

Australia’s preferred home battery

Power for our world
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We’ve been pioneering lithium-ion
battery technology since 1995.

Not only do we power hybrid and electric
vehicles and homes, our battery technology
meets the stringent standards required to
reliably power NASA spacesuits.
We’re bringing our reliable and efficient
technology to Australian families to power
their homes.

The solar installer's battery of choice

Installers prefer working with the LG Home Battery thanks to our flexible, scalable solutions, reliability and Australian service team.

The LG Home Battery can be wall or floor mounted and is small and compact making it much easier to comply with Australian BESS Standard AS5139.

The perfect battery for your home

With our broad range of options and inverter integrations, your installer can design a system perfectly tailored to your needs.

Founded in 1947

As a long-established company we have the standards of quality,

service and support you can rely on. LG products feature in many homes and have earnt the trust of millions of Australians.

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Compact & sleek 

Our sleek design fits perfectly into

any home.

With a range of compact sizes and wall or floor mounting options you can put the LG Home Battery out of the way. Our pioneering engineering means you get ultimate performance and reliability.

Powering Australian homes with the world’s most innovative battery technology

Learn more through our most commonly asked questions and industry news. 

Be energy independent. 

Get the most out of your solar system.

Instead of sending your excess solar energy to the grid, store it to
use at night and to power your home in case of a blackout.

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Hear the Cornes family solar story

Lucy and Kane Cornes are thrilled with their new LG Home Battery.

Three days after install their city had a blackout and they didn’t even notice the power outage because their LG Home Battery kicked in and took over powering their house!

The ultimate in flexibility.

Create the optimal system for your home.

Our unique line-up of sizes, capacity and format means you can create the optimal system that meets your needs and provides the best value from your solar system.

The LG Home Battery Range

5.9 kWh


Size (mm): 452W x 656H x 120D

8.8 kWh


Size (mm): 452W x 484H x 227D

12.4 kWh


Size (mm): 452W x 626H x 227D

9.3 kWh


Size (mm): 744W x 907H x 206D

We've earned the trust of our customers and installers over our 26 years in business

Meet the people powering their lives with LG Home Battery

Angie & Tawanda


"The RESU10 solar battery is one of the most powerful in the world for its size. Sometimes people are surprised by just how small this battery is."

RESU10 LG Home Battery added to their existing solar system


South Australia

"The focus was on realising a house with a high degree of self-sufficiency, which at the same time represents an economically interesting solution from a long-term perspective."

RESU10H LG Home Battery with new solar system

David & Liz


"We chose a RESU10H LG Home Battery and the SolarEdge inverter. Now we rest easy with the confidence of our blackout protection and low power bills year round"

RESU10H LG Home Battery with new solar system

Why solar installers choose LG Home Batteries

Save money

Use your stored energy at night Reduce or abolish electricity bills then sell excess back to offset your gas bill.

Blackout ready

Power through inconvenient blackout outs. Be prepared with your own source of power and keep your home and family safe.

Reduce carbon footprint

Power your life with free energy from the sun and make the future a brighter place.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I get a rebate?

LG Home Batteries are approved for rebates on each the various state schemes. For the most recent and up to date information about rebates across Australia, look up 'solar rebate [state]' in your preferred search engine.

What is the price of a battery?

If you were buying the battery just on its own from a wholesaler, think around $5,000 for RESU6.5 and $8,000 for RESU13, before rebates and before installation. BUT, battery-only prices can be misleading – in reality it was always be higher. End prices depend on location, installation cost, and what it takes to give you the optimal outcome including balance of solar size v battery size. A competent installer will assess your needs before making a recommendation. To find the solution that's best for your home, please fill out the contact form above and one of our trusted partners in your local area will be in touch.

Can I add a battery to my existing solar system?

Absolutely. If you already have a solar system, that will significantly reduce your upfront costs. For details, please reach out to your nearest installer through https://www.lgessbattery.com/au/home-battery/installer-search.lg

I want to get a quote. What do I do?

Please fill out our contact form (above) and one of our trusted installer partners will be in touch.

Phone: 1300 178 064

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