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LG Energy Solution commits to be 100 percent carbon neutral by 2030

We are one of the first battery manufacturers in the world to join two environmental initiatives RE100 and EV100, to become a zero-carbon emitter by 2030.

RE100 is a global climate group initiative that brings businesses together who are on the journey to 100% renewable energy usage.

Our plants in Poland and the US are already 100 percent powered by renewable energy, and we have plans to convert electricity at our Korea and China facilities to renewable energy by 2030.

EV100 is another climate group initiative that endeavours itself in bringing collaboration and commitment between companies in the effort of transitioning them to use electric vehicles and making EVs the status quo by 2030.

Through this, we aim to convert 100 percent of vehicles less than 3.5 tons that are owned or leased by us to electric vehicles by 2030. We also plan to support the ambitious campaign of turning 50 percent of vehicles between 3.5 and 7.5 tons into EVs.

“Battery is the core project that should play a central role in achieving carbon neutrality,” said Kim Jong-hyun, chief executive officer of LG Energy Solution. “As a leading eco-friendly business, LG will set an example in cutting carbon emissions through battery production and promote the expansion of EVs”.


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