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Energy saving tips to reduce your electricity bill

We all love spending electricity and using it to fuel our day-to-day activities yet none of us enjoys having to pay for the amount we use and dread seeing the next electricity bill. It does not have to be like that, we do not have to be wary, afraid, or unable to pay our next electricity bill. Perhaps we just do not understand why our electricity bill is so high in the first place; well, we have some tips to help you save on energy and for you to reduce your annual power bill spend.

Close windows and doors

As the heat of the summer and the coldness of the winter approaches, one of our first instincts is to put on the AC or heater to counteract the changing inside temperature. One element that can affect the inside temperature during both seasons is whether any windows or doors are open. In the winter, having the windows open can make the inside colder as the cold air comes through. In the summer with the AC on, it would be more ideal to keep the windows and doors closed to keep the cool air in and to keep the hot air out. To help save on cost, ensure that your windows, doors, and any draught locations are blocked so that air within the building is kept inside to a greater degree.

Close curtains

When the sun comes out and the heat begins to increase, the inside temperature can get to quite uncomfortable levels during the peak summer period which makes us turn on the air conditioner. It can be best to keep the curtains closed to reduce how much sunlight is hitting the windows. Even though some heat will still permeate through the windows and curtains, it will be extremely effective in stopping the full extent of the sun from entering your room as the curtains reduce heat gain by absorbing and reflecting the sun’s rays. By keeping the curtains closed, you will also help keep the cool air from the AC in, ensuring less wastage of electricity and helping bring you and the room to a more comfortable temperature level.

During winter, it is also advisable to keep the curtains closed if you plan on heating the home as it reduces the amount of heat lost as curtains can help in keeping the heat in as they act as a form of insulation from the outside world.

Use energy-efficient lighting

The type of lighting you choose for your home can seriously impact the electricity bill, if you have incandescent light bulbs, it may be time to consider changing them out for more economical and eco-friendly lightbulbs. Energy-efficient lightbulbs are the go-to when choosing your lighting of choice because not only will you save money in the long term, but you will also reduce the amount of energy needed to power the bulb. LED lightbulbs are one option, they may incur a greater upfront cost, but you would have saved tens of dollars per year if you were to make the switch to energy-efficient lightbulbs.

Adjust the thermostat

The air conditioner and heating appliances can have a large impact on your overall yearly energy consumption and the smallest of temperature settings can cause the difference in how much you save and how much you spend. When using the air conditioner, the most optimal temperature is between 25 to 26 degrees, and every degree below that can cause an additional 10% increase in its running costs. Similarly, during winter, when using the heating, the most optimal temperature is between 18 to 20 degrees, with each degree above 20 centigrade contributing 10% to the running costs.

Switch off appliances at the wall

Even when you are not using your appliances, they can still be using up energy in their standby mode. On standby, they can be contributing over $100 per year to your electricity bill. Switching off at the wall can be one of the easiest ways to save on finances and keep you from wasting energy for no reason.

Install solar + battery

The sun’s energy is one of the most consistent energy sources on the planet, weather conditions across sunny climates like Australia make solar panels and solar batteries a practical choice for those looking to save on their power bill. By having a solar battery and panels installed, you are both saving on energy and helping save the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. Switching to solar will enable you to power your home appliances with renewable energy both day and night, without the worry of grid blackouts, energy price increases, or surprise energy costs.

To learn more about your solar battery options for your home, get in touch with our certified LG RESU installers by using our form and see how much you can save.


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