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LG Energy Solution Awards Australia’s Top RESU Installers of 2021

Five best installers honoured for outstanding performance

MELBOURNE, Australia, May 3, 2022 — LG Energy Solution, a global manufacturer of advanced lithium-ion batteries, announced Tuesday that it held its Top Installer Award 2021 ceremony on April 22-24. Eight representatives of five certified home battery installers in Australia were rewarded for their outstanding sales performance in 2021 with a cruise along the Yarra River on the MV Birrarung, dinner at the Oriental Tea House in Melbourne and a free day to explore the city.

Since its spinoff from LG Chem in 2020, LG Energy Solution has honoured the top installers in its overseas markets at an annual two-day event launched in 2018 to acknowledge their hard work. At each ceremony, LG Energy Solution also interacts with its installation partners with the goal of providing better service to both its partners and customers. The company’s home batteries, offered in a variety of models under the name RESU, are compact and easy to install.

This year, the five top-performing RESU battery installers in Australia are:

1. Origin Energy

2. Solar Hub

3. Sky Energy

4. Clipsal Solar

5. Solar Integrity

“It is significant that LG Energy Solution’s products, which are relatively new to Australian customers, are increasingly becoming the focus of awareness,” said Rikki Evangelista, supply chain and procurement manager at Origin Energy. “This was only possible thanks to our close partnership with LG Energy Solution.”

Philip Crotty, General Manager of Residential Sales at LG Energy Solution Australia, who oversees sales and marketing for home batteries, hosted the ceremony and personally presented a trophy to each winner. Mr. Crotty thanked the installers for their efforts to encourage the wider adoption of LG Energy Solution’s innovative products.

“If not for our certified installers, LG Energy Solution would not have become one of the region’s leading brands in home batteries,” Mr. Crotty said. “We all deeply appreciate our partners and their active support in reaching out to each and every customer in Australia.”

Certified installers are the strategic core of LG Energy Solution’s presence in the Australian market, as they directly interact with customers at the point of sale. Also, to ensure the quality and consistency of the customer experience and the seamless installation of all products around the globe, the company operates the LG Energy Solution Certified Installer Program. Only after passing all the program’s training courses can installers receive certification and get listed as official LG Energy Solution installation partners.

In Australia, LG Energy Solution offers home batteries and the LGES-5048 Hybrid Inverter, which can be connected with a household’s rooftop solar panels to allow solar power generated in the daytime to be used at night. They also deliver backup power and keep essential appliances running during grid interruptions or power outages. As more people pursue indoor activities such as videoconferencing, streaming, chatting and gaming, there is growing demand for home batteries. With home batteries, homeowners can optimise solar energy consumption with exquisite flexibility and minimal hassle.


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