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Renewable energy is here now

Solar energy usage in Australia has significantly increased during the 21st century as state governments, businesses, and communities embrace a more sustainable energy production lifestyle. Solar energy was responsible for 5.2% of Australia’s total electrical energy production in 2018 which has increased to 7.5% in 2019. Australia has the potential to install 197 GW of rooftop solar power; however, as of 2020, Australia has only just achieved 10 GW. There is an explicit rise in the usage of solar energy in Australia. It is up to government-based programs, industry-led initiatives, and solar energy corporations to decrease the reliance on fossil fuels and propel Australia into the number one position for solar energy production and exportation.

Right now, in 2021, we are seeing a sizeable consistent increase in the number of homeowners and businesses switching to solar and energy storage. Over 20,000 homes across Australia have experienced the benefits of the LG RESU. We are passionate about helping Australian’s power their homes and businesses with renewable energy. By supporting the renewable energy industry, we are helping to increase thousands of renewable jobs, lower power bills, and help save the environment.

What are the facts?

  • Nearly 3 million homes across the country have rooftop solar.

  • Nearly 30% of Australian energy is already renewable. And soon it will be 50%.

  • There were 18,000 jobs in rooftop solar in 2020.

  • There are over 20 new wind farms being built right now, supporting 8000 jobs.

  • Renewable energy has almost tripled in the last decade.

  • There are over 30,000 jobs in renewables, this is growing every day.

More and more Australians every year are taking the next step in transitioning away from fossil fuel generated energy and seeing a real difference in their energy bills and impact on the environment. Storing your renewable energy from sources such as your solar panels has never been easier than it is now.

Ready to join the renewable revolution? Let people know about the benefits of renewable energy for our lives and our planet. Take the next step in switching to a solar and home battery combo for savings on your energy bill and ensuring a sustainable environment.

What can I do to help make a positive impact?

Government programs and initiatives are one way that can help speed up the process, however, by joining together across Australia, we can do so much more together as homeowners and business operators in conjunction with government-led strategies.

Reaching 100% renewable energy is a reachable goal in our lifetime, what can we do at home to help fasten the transition?

Get engrossed

The more we become aware and knowledgeable about renewables, the more we can assist each other. There are a lot of free creditable and reputable resources out there, here are a few we recommend:

Raise your voice

One of the best methods of raising awareness is sharing information with others both through text and vocally. Sharing the facts and benefits of renewable energy is one major step in helping our transition.

Switch to solar and energy storage

Nearly 3 million Australians have solar and there are over 20,000 LG RESU batteries installed, with each owner experiencing the benefits of switching to solar.

Thinking of making the next step towards solar? Get in touch using our form and our credited LG RESU installers will be able to provide you with your solar energy options.


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