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What is the LG RESU HOME?

The LG RESU HOME is a new package consisting of our latest LGES-5048 inverter and LG RESU. In this bespoke package, homeowners and businesses will be able to access a cost-effective energy solution that provides energy storage and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) blackout protection, keeping your appliances running both day and night without interruption.

This is the complete solar storage solution, enabling you to have a home powered entirely by LG for the very first time. Having an LG RESU HOME is an energy solution that disperses the pain point of multiple vendors, you receive a personalised LG RESU HOME with centralised customer support, dependable products, and an industry-grade warranty.

In this package, homeowners can access the LGES-5048 hybrid inverter with a low voltage LG RESU of their choice, which includes:

  • RESU6.5

  • RESU10

  • RESU12 (coming soon)

  • RESU13

The LG RESU HOME package provides an entirely new LG home battery experience, an energy solution tailored to your home with flexible useable energy storage ranging from 5.9 kWh to 12.4 kWh with the choice to expand to 24.8 kWh.

LG RESU HOME key features:

  • Provides UPS blackout protection with the option to scale energy capacity

  • Unified LG Energy Solution support

  • PV input up to 7.5 kW with battery

  • AC-coupled or DC-coupled

  • Remote upgrade

  • Applicable for single & three-phase systems

  • Warranty of 10 years

  • Designed for new solar and existing solar + storage installations

Get in touch with your local LG RESU certified installer to receive installation advice and a free LG RESU HOME quote through our form.


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