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Identifying serial number on S/A Gen2 1P and S/A Gen2 2P

Affected S/A Gen2 batteries are installed in non-LG branded systems including:

• SolaX Power Station, SolaX X-Cabinet and Opal Storage

• Redback SH5000

• Red Earth Sunrise and Red Earth Drop Bear

• Eguana Evolve

• VARTA Pulse Neo

If you have a SolaX X-Cabinet, SolaX Power Station, or an Opal Storage-branded system:

• Please contact SolaX Power by email at or by telephone at 1300 476 529 for help in identifying whether your battery is affected.

If you have a Redback SH5000, Red Earth Sunrise, Red Earth Drop Bear, Evolve or Pulse Neo residential energy storage system:

• Please contact LG Energy Solution Australia using the contact details below for help in identifying whether your battery is affected.​

Understanding the RESU Battery Serial Number

LV SN_4.png
HV SN_v2.png

The following illustration shows how the unique serial number appears on a sample ESS RESU Home Battery. Serial numbers begin with "R" or "E" and are 22 or 23 characters (a mix of letters and numbers). The first row depicts the model number and the second row starts with the date of manufacture, ending with unique number for that model. To see the example below, the unique serial number is "R15563P3SSEG11610317001"; however it can be broken down to "R15563P3SSEG1" as the model number, "171215" as the manufacture date (in YY MM DD order), and "9013" as the unique lot number.

How do I know if I have an affected product?

How to switch off your RESU battery:

Press the white square button adjacent to the serial number. The battery is turned off if all the lights are extinguished.

SA Isolation Image_v6.png
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