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Are the LG RESU batteries recycled?

Many people wonder just how renewable and sustainable home batteries are after their lifecycle—when they are no longer in use.

We at LG Energy Solution have ensured that our LG RESU batteries are sustainable and not left for landfill after their usage.

We make sure to reuse and recycle the lithium-ion battery materials and we will continue our efforts in establishing a full sustainable use cycle for our RESU products.

As the use of electric vehicles and lithium-ion batteries increases, the amount of battery waste substantially rises across the world.

Our LG Energy Solution teams across the world alongside local governments and businesses are taking the recycling of lithium-ion batteries seriously and making initiatives to tackle the growing battery waste issue.

According to the Battery Stewardship Council report, 5,290 tonnes of batteries reached end-of-life in 2017-2018, of these, only 320 tonnes were collected for recycling. Anticipated future EV adoption rates suggest a projected battery waste generation of 137,000 to 180,000 tonnes by 2036 in Australia. Action needs to be made now to tackle the future rise in battery waste.

In Australia, we have one of the highest uptakes of solar energy systems which means we have a large number of end-of-life batteries that need recycling. In order to meet that issue, we at LG Energy Solution Australia have partnered with Envirostream to ensure that our battery technology is recycled.

Partnering with Envirostream’s technology enables us to recover 95% of the resources from our end-of-life batteries, these materials are then converted into raw materials for new batteries resulting in a circular economy. Envirostream has already recycled 300,000+ kilograms of batteries.

LG Energy Solution has also recently announced a plan to reuse batteries from late last year at Ultium Cells, North America’s largest lithium-ion battery recycling company.

Recycling at Ultium Cells allows the extraction of raw materials left over from battery cell manufacturing through hydrometallurgical processes, this enables us to reuse the recycled parts to manufacture new batteries.

We at LG Energy Solution aim to continuously innovate in the area of reusing and recycling lithium-ion batteries so that we can all have a greener future.


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