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LG Energy Solution is the no.1 battery patent holder through extensive R&D

Innovation and ingenuity is core to our ethos.

We are dedicated to developing energy storage solutions to help create a renewable and sustainable future.

So far, we have invested 2 trillion won (2.2 billion AUD) into battery research and development (R&D) over the past six years, allocating 5-6 percent of annual revenue into research every year. This commitment towards research has positioned us as the leading battery patent holder in the world with 23,610 patents to our name.

Through our developments, we have been able to be the world's first battery manufacturing company to take the leap into designing lithium-ion batteries based on NCM (nickel cobalt manganese) chemistry which can be found powering the LG RESUs that are in thousands of homes across the world.

We are also slated to supply the world’s first NCMA (nickel cobalt manganese aluminium) batteries that contain as much as 90 percent nickel to our automaker partners in the second half of 2021. One of the reasons we have opted for NCMA chemistry is that it offers a competitive edge in both performance and price. Adding aluminium inside batteries means putting in less cobalt, one of the most expensive raw materials inside batteries that drive up their price.

We have taken the first step in being a global lithium-ion battery leader, and now it is up to us to ensure the next step takes us and our customers to newer heights.

Follow us to take the next step with us and be the first to find out about our new RESU products releasing this year.


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