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LG Home Battery inverter compatibility

Battery ready solar system

If you are choosing to initially only install solar panels, one should take into consideration about whether their setup is "battery ready", this means that it becomes easier for the installer to add batteries in the future if you decide to create a hybrid setup.

To achieve a "battery ready" solar setup prior to adding an LG Home Battery, one should install a hybrid inverter as illustrated in the charts below. Discuss with your installer prior to installation that you are thinking about adding batteries in the future and would like to minimise the amount of hardware and connections. This may also affect the way your solar system is designed and installed.

The LG Home Battery is compatible with a multitude of inverters. All RESU installations require a compatible inverter. Using a non-approved inverter will void the warranty provided by LG Energy Solution.

Also note that:

  1. Battery inverters should operate in On-Grid only.

  2. For On-Grid applications where Back-up mode may sometimes be utilised the backed-up circuits and inverters AC draw must not exceed the battery current limit specifications.

Compatible storage inverters with RESU LV

※ More compatible inverters will be added.

LG Energy Solution


  • SH5K

  • SH5K+

  • SH3K6

  • SH4K6

  • SH5K-20

  • SH5K-30


  • GW5048D-ES

  • GW3048-EM

  • GW5048-EM

  • GW3600S-BP

  • GW5000S-BP


  • SPMC481

  • SPMC482


  • RHI-3K-48ES

  • RHI-3.6K-48ES

  • RHI-4.6K-48ES

  • RHI-5K-48ES

  • RHI-3.6K-48ES-5G

  • RHI-4.6K-48ES-5G

  • RHI-5K-48ES-5G

  • RHI-6K-48ES-5G

Compatible storage inverters with RESU Prime

※ More compatible inverters will be added.


  • SBS5.0

General Electric


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