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Stepping Up in Solar

Why LG Energy Solution Believes "Now is the Time to Become Better Advocates for the Solar Industry"

While Australia may be experiencing a solar industry boom, battery sales are far behind solar penetration as Australians are missing out on an effective solar battery solution due to misinformation and confusion – or bad practices.

With the industry increasingly seeing price-driven offers to capture market share, there is risk of damage to industry reputation through low quality product and installation practices.

The recent SRES reforms set by the government, borne out of the Integrity Review of the Rooftop Solar PV Sector, means the Clean Energy Regulator will handle responsibility for setting the rules for listing key solar PV components – including panels, batteries and inverters – as eligible for Commonwealth entitlements in the form of small-scale technology certificates. These reforms will assist in mitigating risk, as they focus on improving integrity in the sector and reducing the number of low-quality installations.

While this is essential, and a much-needed change, it is also essential that industry leaders take a similar position and dedication to improving the standard of the PV sector.

We must take advantage of this moment to set ourselves up for success by educating the market about the importance of quality. Through changing the focus from price to quality, we can enhance the long-term value imperative to helping the nation achieve its goals for renewable energy.

What does that look like?

Focusing on quality and avoiding false economies

The industry is increasingly seeing market ‘deals’ on solar becoming a popular way for consumers to shop, however understanding and trusting production quality and supply chain should always be the first step in choosing a solar storage system. This means changing the focus from price to quality and putting emphasis on long-term value.

Eligibility requirements will be an important way to help deal with this, but we must not just rely on it to solely fix this problem. LG Energy Solution puts a focus on the quality of products, and their long-term effectiveness, rather than price.

Prioritising education

Industry reforms are important – but helping consumers understand the reasons or values behind each element is important too. This is why LG Energy Solution believes we must address the knowledge gap – by helping consumers understand the long-term benefits and importance of solar storage and guide them in fully realising the value of their solar as well as building out a sustainable grid, no matter the installer or provider. It is our role to be part of this in every conversation across the industry.

Looking to new technology

As we drive solar battery technology, we need to be aware of the capabilities of the whole home and respond to the evolution by building solutions to last long term. We should not be looking at solar battery solutions in a silo, but rather as part of a wider, smarter set of tools and resources that will set us up for success.

Australia’s solar industry will only continue to boom, and LG Energy Solution is more than prepared to support it. With batteries created by an unsurpassed level of technology and expertise in the most sustainable way possible, there is no doubt an LG Energy Solution battery is a bright idea for the future.

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