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The LG Home Battery and Discover Energy VPP program

We have partnered with Discover Energy to give you an unparalleled feed-in-tariff for your LG Home Battery.

Customers in SA, NSW, ACT and SE QLD are eligible for a feed-in-tariff (FIT) of 30c if they join and connect their LG Home Battery to the energy supplier Discover Energy under the VPP Premium offer. Customers in VIC are eligible for a feed-in-tariff (FiT) of 20c. These are some of the largest FiT’s in the country, enabling homeowners to maximise the return on their solar and battery storage systems.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up to Discover Energy’s virtual power plant (VPP) with an eligible battery and inverter combination.

  2. Your solar panels charge the battery which stores energy and powers your home 24hrs a day. The inverter is connected to Discover Energy’s specialised software.

  3. Discover Energy’s latest cloud-based technology monitors your inverter and the grid, choosing the most optimal time to sell and buy energy back to the grid for maximum returns.

  4. Use Discover Energy’s mobile app to track the trades and display your income statements securely and easily.

Compatible inverters

  • GoodWe

  • Sungrow

  • SolarEdge

Terms and conditions 14/2/2022

Discover Energy VPP is only eligible for the approved products and locations. As part of the Discover Energy VPP, the feed-in-tariff will be paid at the following rates:

VPP Premium (SA, NSW, ACT & SE QLD)

First 3.28kwh exported per day: 30c/kWh

Next 3.28kwh exported per day: 18c/kWh

All remaining exports unlimited per day: 9c/kWh

VPP Premium (VIC)

First 3.28kwh exported per day: 20c/kWh

Next 3.28kwh exported per day: 15c/kWh

All remaining exports unlimited per day: 6.7c/kWh

All usage thresholds will be calculated daily. You can cancel the VPP plan at any time. You must have a maximum inverter capacity of 10KW and have a maximum PV production capacity of 13.3KW.

Interested in installing an LG Home Battery or already have one and are wanting to learn about VPP programs? Fill out the form on our website and one of our LG Energy Solution partner installers will get in contact with you.


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