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Should I add a home battery?

Australia has one of the most solar panel installations around the world and the highest uptake of solar power. The Clean Energy Regular report discusses how as of December 2020, more than 2.68 million rooftops have solar panels. This is one in four homes across the country enjoying the benefits of solar produced energy. The solar revolution has begun, and the renewable energy transition is powering ahead to highlight a greener and more sustainable future.

Every year, Australians can expect an increase in their electricity prices from their energy retailer, this can be caused by a number of things such as fuel cost, user demand, regulations, and power plant running costs. Solar power largely bypasses the risk of rising electricity prices as it puts the control of production and storage in the homeowner’s hands, rather than a third party such as an energy retailer. A caveat of a home using solar panels without solar storage is that these homes are sending energy back to the grid for a small tariff handout and are unable to use solar energy at night so they must buy energy back from the grid when the solar panels are not in use.

However, it is now possible for solar owners to make greater use of their solar panels, storing and using their solar energy both day and night, rather than sending it back to the grid.

What are the benefits of solar battery storage?

Adding a solar home battery can be useful for those searching for a greener future and for homeowners/businesses who want to reduce their power bills and become energy independent. Adding a solar battery is a way for you to store excess energy, utilising more of the energy you generate. Having a solar battery installed will enable you to keep surplus energy in reserve, preserving it for later in the day, for unexpected blackouts, and evenings when the solar panels are not producing any energy. We also have another article for you that goes over some more benefits of adding a home solar battery.

Should I think of having a home battery right now?

There is no better time to join the renewable revolution than today. If your main criteria consists of reducing your carbon footprint, then having a solar battery would be a suitable solution for you in your sustainable journey.

If you are looking to save money on your power bills and ensure you have backup energy then a home battery could also be a suitable option for you, after weighing up the costs and the amount you would save over time. The monetary amount you would save from your electricity bill largely depends on how much energy you use daily and what energy storage size you install. Getting a solar home battery is a personal choice and your motivations can be few or many. If you are thinking of considering a home battery and after a quote and solar storage advice, then head on over to our form and one of our certified installers will get in contact with you.

What are my home battery options?

LG Energy Solution has a number of various sizes for you to choose from to fit your electricity usage and storage needs. The LG RESU offers flexible sizing—ranging from 5.9 kWh to 16 kWh of useable energy—providing you with multiple sizes and giving you the option to have a tailored design for your home. In addition to a home battery, LG Energy Solution also provides the LGES-5048 inverter, enabling you to have your very own LG RESU HOME consisting of LG solar panels, an LG RESU, and an LGES inverter. Having an LG RESU HOME is an energy solution that disperses the pain point of multiple vendors, you receive a bespoke LG RESU HOME with centralised customer support, reliable products, and an industry-grade warranty.


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