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The LG Home Battery and Evergen VPP program

The LG Home Battery can be used with a variety of VPP programs and initiatives, we are proud to enable LG RESU customers the ability to connect to Evergen’s VPP software to enhance the capability of their battery and to further save on their electricity bill.

The Evergen software enables the optimisation of your RESU to save an additional 26.4% on average off your electricity bill. The software, which can be accessed through their mobile app, also delivers and performs on metrics such as weather forecasting, tariff awareness, consumption prediction, and system health.

The Evergen service does not require additional hardware for your RESU—reducing the need to purchase extra equipment and time spent with installation.

Who can join?

Anyone with an LG Home Battery across Australia can join.

How does it work?

Network operators like Ausgrid and Energy Australia work in conjunction with Evergen to enable its software users to join their VPP programs.

The Evergen software communicates with your battery, importing energy and exporting the energy to the grid when the network operator requires energy during grid instability or as requested such as when there is a high demand for energy.

How much can I earn?

How much you earn will depend upon the type of incentive deployed by the network operator and how many VPP events occur (energy exported from the battery to the grid).

Do I have a choice in which VPP network operator I can join?

As a user of Evergen’s software, you are freely able to opt-in and out of any eligible VPP program of which Evergen has connection with. You are only able to join a VPP program which is available in your area and you can only be a part of one VPP at a time.

Interested in installing an LG Home Battery and joining a VPP program? Fill out the form on our website and we will get in contact with you about your VPP options.


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